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Tens Digital 120 Z

Tens Digital 120 Z

Product Code: 120 Z
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EMS Physio offers a range of high quality dual-channel TENS units which are reliable, compact and lightweight. These are built to a high standard to provide long-term use.

TENS 120Z is a 2 channel electric stimulator for relief from muscular spasm, pain and joint contracture.

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation, TENS, this small battery powered machine impacts upon muscular pain by using electrical impulses to stimulate nerve endings under the skin, this in turn helps block the pain signals to the brain. A TENS machine does not cure the problem causing the pain but it can reduce the pain which can then aid the healing process. 

  • Dual-channel output with memory function
  • LCD display that is easy to use
  • Use for chronic, severe and acute pain
  • Complete with accessories, belt hook and protective bag

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Tens Digital 120 Z
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