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Bed Fowler With Height Adjustable

Bed Fowler With Height Adjustable

Brand: Pak
Product Code: GA-240
Availability: In Stock


Model 103-KM Hospital bed is one of our top of the line crank operated height adjustable hospital bed. Built according to modern standards, the bed has a special height adjustment feature that is achieved using an acme screw crank at the leg section.   The height adjustment is smooth and effortless.  Cranks located on the leg side can be used to adjust the back and leg section of the bed for required positions.


Standard Specifications:

Mild Steel , Heavy duty construction
Three crank operation
Removable Mild steel bed Panels
Urine bag holders
Diagonally locking 5” castors
Mild steel wire mesh four sections construction
Epoxy powder coated finish

Mobile on 5” swivel castors


Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 78 x 36 (L x W)
Height Adjustment: 18” x 30”
Loading Capacity: 150 kg

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Bed Fowler With Height Adjustable
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