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eSteth Lite

eSteth Lite

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eSteth Lite is designed to support health workers by providing them with clear auscultation to analyze heart and lung sounds, thus enhancing their capacity in making better diagnosis; by the aid of features such as: Unmatched amplification and sophisticated filtration. Transmitting the sounds with high degree of accuracy. 

eSteth enables one to have an enhanced teleconsultation experience through its ability to amplify 100x, minimal distortion in auscultation sessions and rechargeable battery with the added ease of quick file transfer through the eSteth app hence further enhancing the overall experience. The device can be used effectively in community and clinical settings, and with patients of pediatric and adult age groups. 

Along with quality, eSteth provides affordability and customer satisfaction. With its unmatched price and ergonomic design, made to cater the unique needs of health providers and health sectors functioning in remote areas. 

Features that make eSteth as the best choice for you: 

Noise Filtration: providing crystal clear heart and lung sounds, through state of the art embedded filtration panel; minimalizing most of the ambient noise and enhancing the overall auscultation experience. 

100x Amplification: catering to the most common concern, eSteth provides 100% amplification of the original auscultation sound provided by conventional stethoscope. Enabling the health provider in providing a quick and more detailed diagnosis of the medical condition at hand. 

Ergonomic Design: catering to the needs of end user, eSteth is designed to support the vigorous usage in remote locations, provided through long lasting Li-ion battery with a battery time of approximately 150 Hrs. 

Affordability: Tech4Life believes in the concept of unparalleled and uncompromised health care at all levels and hence works towards the betterment of primary health care solutions; bringing innovation within the reach of every one. Thus, as per our commitment to our vision, eSteth is kept highly affordable for everyone; with the price of $150 including accessories - Giving its customers a complete balance of quality and quantity.


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eSteth Lite
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